Theatre Camps 2019


Teen Theatre Intensive (Ages 11+) 
July 22 to August 2
9 am to 4 pm

 The Teen Theatre Intensive  is for those who are ready to take things to the next level, acting in middle school, high school, and beyond.  This camp focuses more fully on acting skills such as stage direction, movement, vocal articulation, expression, and plot.  Designed to build confidence in performance, each participant is given the opportunity to perform in front of the group every day.  Participants are encouraged to be supportive audience member for each other, building trust within the group and confidence in the individuals.

The intensive focuses on more formal aspects of acting, such as audition skills.  Each camper is given the opportunity to deliver a memorized, 1-2 minute monologue for the group.  

Dialogue, characterization, and ensemble performance round out the experience, with a final performance goal of one ensemble piece, and each participant performing a monologue or smaller skit, determined by each individual camper’s comfort level. A final onstage showcase is mounted on the last day of camp and is open to the public.

This intensive and creative two-week theatre camp offers campers an exceptional introduction to comedy, drama, movement, improvisation and script work.

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Youth Theatre Camp (Ages 7-10)
August 6 to 16 
9 am to 4 pm                                                

Recommended for elementary school ages, the Youth Theatre Camp is about creating great performers at a young age.  Each day begins with warm-up games to help campers discover unique and varied physical and emotional expressions.  During the warm-up sequence, each camper is invited to do a "mini performance" -- usually a silly one-liner -- which they repeat several times in different ways, infusing a variety of emotions, accents, physical gestures and silliness, as requested.  They are cheered on by their leaders and fellow campers.  From the very first day, every camper is a performer with an appreciative audience.

 Positive reinforcement is the name of the game.  After the warm-up sequence campers will get to know each other through additional theatre exercises and games.  During the first week close attention is paid to each camper's needs and talents.  The rest of the camp is then geared toward designing individual exercises for each camper, and exploring performance through children's poetry, jokes, movement, and short scripts, until each camper has a performance piece, with a variety of group and solo projects, designed to fit the comfort level of each individual.

As the camp progresses, we bring in a variety of literature and activities.  If a child is still learning how to read, we use performance to help improve reading.  If a child is shy, we work with them on how to perform in front of an audience while feeling safe and confident.  

 During this time, we also give camper's all the basics they need to be successful actors: training in movement, stage direction, vocal projection, articulation, and emotional expression.

The final project of the camp is an onstage public performances on the final Friday of camp.

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