5 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs Theatre Camp This Summer

5 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs Theatre Camp This Summer.png

It’s summertime and the living is easy here at the Key City Theatre. We are eagerly anticipating the 2 expanded and exciting summer theatre camps that are being offered for youth this year. There are still a few spots available and here are five great reasons why you should sign your child up today:

1.       Building Self Confidence:

 Improv, performance, theatre games and scripted work all help to build confidence and self-assurance both on and off stage.  Children who participate in the performing arts learn to explore the world outside of their comfort zones.  That’s where self-reliance, problem-solving, trust-building and critical thinking can be found – all great skills that will serve them well in the world.

2.      Building Communication, Concentration and Memory:

Acting workshops teach things like presentation skills, vocal projection, articulation and tone.  And working with groups on stage and off help to develop the most important communication skill of all – listening.  Taking directions, collaborating with peers, memorizing lines and working on a team, will all guide your child to improve their focus, memory, concentration, and quick-learning skills.

3.      Building Social and Emotional Skills:

Young performers improve their social skills by working as part of a team, listening to others and expressing themselves, sharing and making new friends. They will learn to bounce back easily from mistakes, solve problems and improvise, giving them the confidence to manage and perform in new situations that come with everyday life. The art of make believe, learning new characters, and performing allows children to relate better to different situations, have empathy, compassion and learn how to express and understand emotions, both their own and those around them.

4.      Building brain connections:

Creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning increase and improve when performing arts education is added to the mix. Arts learning in music, drama, and dance is related to high academic achievements in school. The performing arts learning at theatre camps have multiple connections to reading and verbal skills, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Performers learn through play.

5.      Building on FUN:

The performing arts camps are designed to be fun. There are games and team building exercises, there is structured direction and improv.  There are a multitude of really fun ways for your children and teens to express themselves, their emotions, and explore and improve their individual talents. Participants will also have a great workout in the process through physical movement, flexibility and balance exercises.

For more information and to sign up for the summer theatre camps at Key City Theatre click here . Enjoy watching your child’s self-confidence blossom and their communication, social, and emotional skills develop, all while they have a FUN time in the summertime.


Sioban Staplin