Meet Lara

Ballet Jorgen is coming to Key City Theatre this Friday, February 22, and as part of their program there will be several local dancers performing on stage with them. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know these local stars. Meet Lara…

My name is Lara and I am 11 years old. I started dancing with Aspire when I was only 3 and I became a competitive dancer at age 6. I love all types off dance, but my favourite (by FAR) is Musical Theatre. 

My hobbies include reading and writing stories.

I love listening to original Broadway musical songs and my favourite Broadway productions to date are Alexander Hamilton the Musical and Wicked. 

I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. I hope to one day live in New York, my favourite city in the whole entire world.

My heroes would have to be a confusing mix between my 4 friends Jorja, Janessa, Ame and  Kendell, and Nelson Mandela; my friends because each and every one of them is an amazing human being with a lot of potential to do great things in the world, (also because Jorja is really good at making cookies). And Nelson Mandela because he symbolizes peace, equality, and forgiveness. And I feel like those are very important things that we could use a little more of in the present.



Be sure to get tickets to see Lara performing with the professional touring company, Ballet Jorgen, in the hilarious and entertaining Coppelia. CLICK HERE to reserve your seats.

Sioban Staplin